Thrive by Five Thrive by FiveTM:
Teaching Your Preschooler
About Spending and Saving

Project Contributors

Thrive by Five was made possible by a grant from the National Credit Union Foundation, with additional funds from the Ohio Credit Union Foundation
and the Texas Credit Union Foundation.

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Sharon Burns, Ph.D., CPA, Association for Financial Counseling and Planning Education
Erica Tobe, MSW, Michigan State University Extension

Rosella Bannister, Owner and Principal Consultant, Bannister Financial Education Services
Charles W. Kalish, Ph.D., University of Wisconsin-Madison
Betzaida Vera-Heredia
Madison (Wis.) Area Technical College
Gail Innis, Extension Educator
Su Porter, Extension Educator
Holly Tiret, Extension Educator, Family and Consumer Sciences, Michigan State University Extension

Jennifer Abel, M.S., Virginia Cooperative Extension
Fredalene B. Bowers, Ph.D. , Indiana University of Pennsylvania
Sara Croymans, M.Ed., University of Minnesota Extension
Debra Minar Driscoll, M.S., Oregon State University Extension
Jaime E. Dugan, Associate Program Leader, Michigan State University Extension
Lynne Grant, Extension Educator, University of Connecticut Extension
Patricia Tanner Nelson, Ed.D., University of Delaware Extension
Debra Pankow, Ph.D., North Dakota State University Extension
Rachel Parrent, Community Education Specialist, Vantage Credit Union
Nancy Rosa-Mejias, Program Coordinator, Rutgers Cooperative Extension of Somerset County
Karen Shirer, Ph.D., Michigan State University Extension
Josephine Turner, Ph.D., University of Florida
Javiette Samuel, Ph.D., Tennessee State University

Patricia A. Behal, M.S., AFC, CFCS, University of Nevada Extension
Judy H. Branch, M.S., CFCS, University of Vermont Extension
Rose Evers, Education Specialist, Royal Oakland Community Credit Union
Carole A. Gnatuk, Ed.D, University of Kentucky Extension
James Hanson, VP, Center for Personal Finance, Credit Union National Association
Sue Helmreich, Manager of Outreach Projects, Ohio Credit Union League
Juan Hernandez, Ph.D., President, The Orgainzation for Hispanic Advancement, Inc.
Ruth N. Schriefer, M.S., University of Wisconsin Extension
Lin Standke, Manager of Youth Programs, Credit Union National Association
Celvia E. Stovall, Ph.D., CFCS, North Carolina State University Extension
Marietta Wahl, Manager, Northland Educators Federal Credit Union

Dawn C. Koger, Ph.D., Michigan State University Extension

Dewey McGuire, Iowa City, Iowa

Kelly Baskind
Tammy Breuer
Randy Crisman
Kristi Dzon
Kelly Hansen
Jennifer Hendra
Melissa Hines
Kathryn Kogut
Deanna Lester
Sarah Long
Mickey McGee
Karnis Ollinger
Jennie Rummel
Crystal Skalowski
Casey Wenzel


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